July 26, 2018 Volume 2018-148.

Platooning, tonnage index, driver injured, TA Truck Service RoadSquad 800-824-SHOP, RoadSquadRadio.com, RoadSquadConnect.com, justCDLjobs.com, fox news.

April 17, 2017 Volume 2017-076.

Jail sentence for bridge wrecker, Musk announces electric semi, platooning, TA Truck Service RoadSquad, 800-824-SHOP, potato famine.

September 8, 2016 Volume 2016-180.

Navistar and Volkswagen; MI bills include platooning and driverless vehicles; pay your taxes; TA Truck Service RoadSquad 800-824-SHOP; justCDLjobs.com; wedding gift.

May 29, 2015 Volume 2015-107.

New senate bill, Transportation and renewal energy, Platooning, RoadSquad Connect, 800-824-SHOP, Bacon and sausage