June 7, 2016 Volume 2016-113.

Daimler layoffs, Passenger seat belts in commercial vehicles, quick thinking driver, RoadSquad Connect 800-824-SHOP, justCDLjobs.com, giant poop

June 6, 2016 Volume 2016-112.

Class 8 orders up for April, Prime must pay for discrimination, FL driver arrested, RoadSquad Connect 800-824-SHOP, justCDLjobs.com, digging contest

June 2, 2016 Volume 2016-110.

Quarrel ends badly, MI raises Speed Limit to 75, plastic roads, RoadSquad Connect 800-824-SHOP, justCDLjobs.com, kids say the darndest things

June 1, 2016 Volume 2016-109.

Road Check begins June 7 focus on tire safety, wild ride, diesel up a bit, RoadSquad Connect 800-824-SHOP, justCDLjobs.com, emoji Bible

May 31, 3016 Volume 2016-108

NYC lanes closed due to accident, GPS issues in Stowe VT high fine, Freight values down, RoadSquad Connect, 800-824-SHOP, justCDLjobs.com, Spelling Bee

May 30, 2016 Volume 2016-107.

Thank you to all lost while protecting this great country, New logo for ATA, sleep apnea, RoadSquad Connect, 800-824-SHOP, justCDLjobs.com, TMNT

May 27, 2016 Volume 2016-106

Happy Memorial Day Weekend stay safe, Cargo theft, MATS comment on OEM changes, bees cause accident, RoadSquad Connect, 800-824-SHOP, justCDLjobs.com, house boat

May 25, 2016 Volume 2016-104

Massive Texas accident, nut theft, truck sales down, RoadSquad Connect, 800-824-SHOP, justCDLjobs.com, foggy vodka