November 2, 2018 Volume 2018-127.

Cargo Theft Down, economy, driver hero, TA Truck Service RoadSquad 800-824-SHOP,,,, pumpkin record.

August 1, 2017 Volume 2017-150.

Cargo theft down, missing tires, diesel up, TA Truck Service RoadSquad 800-824-SHOP,, labor and delivery.

February 17, 2016 Volume 2016-034.

Diesel below $2 for first time in 11 years, Daimler lays off more employees, cargo theft down, RoadSquad Connect, 800-824-SHOP,, snowy movie theatre

August 4, 2015 Volume 2015-154.

Cargo theft down, Diesel lowest in 6 years, again, TA campaign for St Christopher Fund, RoadSquad Connect, 800-824-SHOP, the Exorcism

October 30, 2014 Volume 2014-153.

UPS gears up for holiday season, cargo theft down, new Daimler Sprinter features, RoadSquad Connect, 800-824-SHOP, doggone