May 22, 2017 Volume 2017-100.

DUI’s for distractions and electronics, truck violations, storms in Iowa, TA Truck Service RoadSquad, 800-824-SHOP,, Texas storm chasers.

May 19, 2017 Volume 2017-099.

Trump’s renegotiated NAFTA, Uber’s load-matching freight app, Mulberry Bridge jump benefit, TA Truck Service RoadSquad,, pet lizard DUI.

May 18, 2017 Volume 2017-098.

April trailer orders, dry and flat vans, autonomous garbage trucks, Shut Down Chicago Slaughterhouses, TA Truck Service RoadSquad,, suing for a movie ticket.

May 17, 2017 Volume 2017-097.

Trump’s infrastructure plan, Mother’s Day convoy, cost of congestion report, TA Truck Service RoadSquad,, Mother’s Day nerf attack, RoadSquad Connect.

May 16, 2017 Volume 2017-096.

FMCSA sleep apnea, Nevada speed limits, diesel and oil prices, testing AC performance,, golden retriever on a roof, RoadSquad Connect.

RoadCheck violations show brake issues; Contractors and class action suit; uber for trucking; RoadSquad Connect 800-824-SHOP;; no sleeping at cricket match.

June road check results; LA port settlement; Safety and Compliance award winner; RoadSquad Connect 800-824-SHOP;; standing while driving.

New ATA leadership announced; Trucker death in Laredo; URS date pushed back; RoadSquad Connect 800-824-SHOP;; Pokemon GO.